Kitchen counter progress

Since my old blog has been sitting ideal for a while, I've decided to re-purpose it for all of our home projects. It's funny that this would be our first blog post, but we're very excited about the look. We just finished about 75% of our kitchen cabinets.

Here's a before picture of our kitchen.

When we bought the house, everything was nice and clean, just old and out-of-date. My wife came up with how we would update the kitchen by painting the cabinets, adding a tile backsplash and painting the cabinets.

First we painted it with Giani White Diamond counter top paint. I must say that it looked better than I had expected and when the paint was going on, it looked ugly at times, but as the paint settled and blended together, it started to look really good.

The Giani paint kit comes with a clear topcoat, but my wife and I have been seeing a lot of people online using an epoxy top coat so we decided to try it  the results were amazing.
I have to admit one thing about the epoxy that we used. It has a yellowish tint, that seems to be fairly common. We were ok with it because the Giani paint came out bluer than expected so it all evened out.

The epoxy glaze was very messy and to put it on the countertop, you have to pour it on ad then spread it with a plastic spreader. Covering the floor was very important as well as our newly painted white cabinets. We're really satisfied with the results. 


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