Closing Days in Korea

I'm starting to wrap up things here in South Korea. I've been working here as an English teacher for 6 and a half years. Now my wife and I are moving back to America in a couple of days. I'm going to miss it here, but I'm looking forward to exciting new challenges in America. I want to start a programming business and do a little freelancing on the side. I've started Squared Programming and I'm working on a game Auxnet: Battlegrounds.

South Korea is a very nice country. I'd recommend it to anyone. Don't worry about North Korea. It's very safe here. South Korea is a very wealthy country and you can find just about everything that you'll need here. I've been living in Anseong which is a small town about one hour south of the capital. If you have any questions about teaching English here, just let me know. I only have one regret and that's that I didn't keep a travel blog, but I still have a lot of teaching materials that I'd like to share. I had been working at the same private English academy my entire time here. If you can find a good school to work for, you'll love it here. I have heard and seen other teachers have problems so it's important to ask good questions before you accept any position here.

Right now, I've been putting a lot of time into developing my 3D game engine and also my AI system. On the plane ride back to Maryland, I'm sure that I'll do a lot of programming. I'm working with a good team and we want make a nice professional quality game. I'm working on the website now and hope to have it set up within the next few days. You can follow our progress. I have a Google+ page, a YouTube channel and I'm also on Twitter now. We really want to succeed so just following us and helping us get out the word will help us a lot. I really want to get 50 followers on Google+ and 50 subscribers on YouTube. I think if we can just get that many, things will start to snowball and our popularity will really increase.


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